Our goal is to exceed your wildest expectations while out working and outperforming the competition.


Rainbow Trout Fishing with Alaska Trout Guides

At Alaska Trout Guides we hang our reputation on the ability to find big Rainbows day in and day out.

We also understand that some anglers come to the Kenai River for the sheer number of fish available.  We can provide both, but often not at the same time.  

Due to the fact that the fishing is not equal all day long your guide will recommend the best start time for your trip based on your expectations (Size, numbers, fishing pressure etc…).  

We fish every day, know where the fish are, and when they are most likely to cooperate.  By remaining flexible, and willing to relocate, our clients enjoy unrestricted access to the entire river and thus the best possible fishing each day.  

Our goal is to exceed your wildest expectations while out working and outperforming the competition.  That being said, Rainbow Trout trips can include anything from traditional “highstick” nymphing, swinging leaches, dry fly fishing, bead fishing, either from our spacious 20 foot drift and power boats or while wading along the river bank.  

We will do our best to accommodate your wishes but in the end we will do whatever it takes to put you on the fish of a lifetime with a fly rod in your hand.  

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Salmon Fishing with Alaska Trout Guides

Salmon fishing on the Kenai River has many variables – water temperature, water color, tides, run timing, sky light, fishing pressure, regulations etc…  

Alaska Trout Guides will work to insure that our clients have the best possible opportunity to catch fish.  Each species differs from the other and the methods we utilize differ accordingly.

The Kenai River boasts four of the five Pacific Salmon species; King Salmon (Chinook), Red Salmon (Sockeye), Silver Salmon (Coho), Pink Salmon (Humpy).  

You pick the target species and we will advise on availability based on run timing, run strength, and best practices to catch fish.  

Salmon trips on the Kenai River typically consist of either a cast and strip method or a swung fly method.  From the extreme grab and go of the King in the early season to the bite and shake of the Coho in late October there is nothing better than that strong, startling tug at the end of the line.  

Due to run timing all species are not available the entire season - in order to have the best fishing possible please contact us prior to choosing your trip dates.

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Guided Fishing Rates

Full Day (8-10hrs) = $300 per angler
Half Day (4-5hrs) = $175 per angler